We are proud to present our confirmed lecturers for the 2013 edition of Lund Architecture Symposium:

-Beate Hølmebakk  (Lecture 13.30 Thursday 19/9)
is professor at AHO school of Architecture in Oslo and she is also partner in the architecture firm Manthey Kula in Oslo (Norway)
-Belinda Tato (Lecture 14.40 Thursday 19/9)
is an architect and one of two founding partners of Ecosistema Urbano, a Madrid-based firm that has received numerous awards in the last decade.
-Larry Toups (Lecture 16.15 Thursday 19/9)
is a space architect at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, where he works with architecture designed for the Moon and Mars. He is also adjunct professor at Chalmers school of Architecture
-Lisa Diedrich (Lecture 9.15 Friday 20/9)
 is a landscape architect with her own office in Munich and professor at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU (Sweden). She is also editor-in-chief of the book-series Landscape Architecture Europe (the Netherlands)
-Erik Giudice (Lecture 10.50 Friday 20/9)
is an architect who has won several prestigious competitions. He runs his own practice EGA in both Paris (France) and Stockholm (Sweden)
-Francisco Aires Mateus (Lecture 13.25 Friday 20/9)
 is one of two partners at the architectural office Aires Mateus in Lisabon (Portugal) and a teacher at the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, Universita della Svizzera, (Switzerland)

The line-up 2012

•Neil Spiller, University of Greenwich
•Sir Peter Cook, CRAB Studio
•Simon Herron, University of Greenwich
•Hermann Klöckner, ART+COM
•Léopold Lambert, the Funambulist
•Ena Lloret, Gramazio & Kohler
•Jorge Ayala, [Ay]A STUDIO

Neil Spiller is Dean, School of Architecture, Design & Construction at the University of Greenwich, Professor of Architecture and Digital Theory, Founding Director of the Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research Group (AVATAR) and a practising architect. 

He was previously Vice Dean, the Graduate Director of Design, at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College, London. 

He is author of numerous book and his articles and design work have been published in every major design and architecture magazine worldwide. 

"People have described my drawings as a kind of myth-making, and certainly my work over the last ten years has become very mythic" -Spiller 


Sir Peter Cook is an architect and a hugely influential writer and educator, teaching both internationally and at home in London. 

He co-founded the avant-garde research group; Archigram in 1961, who's achievements were recognised by the Royal Institute of British Architects and was awarded the Royal Gold Medal. 

He was knighted in 2007 by the Queen for his services to architecture and teaching and is currently running the architectural office Crab Studios with Gavin Robotham in London. 


Simon Herron is currently Academic Leader in Architectural Technology at the University of Greenwich and postgraduate design studio tutor togheter with Susanne Isa. 

In 1989 he became a partner at the architectural office Ron Herron Associates. 

Previously, he has been a Senior College Teaching Fellow at the Bartlett UCL, has taught at University of Westminster, Sci-Arc Los Angeles and at the Architectural Association London. 


Hermann Klöckner is a berlin-based interaction designer, art director and media artist working with the Berlin-based, interdisciplinary design group ART+COM. 

ART+COM’s work includes different kinds of formats: Autoactive, reactive and interactive objects and installations, media-based environments and architecture. 

Although often very complex, the projects are always driven by the content and not by the technology. Despite having grown and professionalised its operations, ART+COM remains dedicated to its original cause from nearly 25 years ago: to design innovative and original projects and to pave the way for the future of media-based communications. 


Léopold Lambert is a French architect and writer currently living in New York. 

His work is based on an attempted balance between design and writing, each of those informing the other one. 

His main research investigates the inherent political violence carried by architecture through its physicality and its potential use in the context of a resistive struggle against a dominant order. These thoughts are frequently communicated through his wordpress-blog "the Funambulist" and has recently been collected in the form of a book, entitled Weaponized Architecture: The Impossibility of Innocence (dpr-barcelona, 2012.). 


Ena Lloret (born in Copenhagen) is a research fellow at the ETH Zurich department of Arcitecture and Digital Fabrication working for the architectural research office Gramazio & Kohler.

Gramazio & Kohler are examining the changes in architectural production requirements that result from introducing digital manufacturing techniques. Their special interest lies in combining data and material and the resulting implications this has on the architectural design. The possibility of directly fabricating building components described on the computer expands not only the spectrum of possibilities for construction, but, by the direct implementation of material and production logic into the design process, it establishes a unique architectural expression and a new aesthetic.


Jorge Ayala is the founder of the multidisciplinary designstudio [Ay]A STUDIO.

He is based in Paris and his research is committed to cutting edge research and material experimentation, across scales and between disciplines; from fashion design, architecture to landscape urbanism, complex organisational systems and strategies in both theoretical and professional praxis.

[Ay]A Studio explores informal/intangible parameters in order to innovate. These innovations are not limited to the architectural form but also the capacity to use collective efforts, the functionality and accessibility of networks of distribution (input/output), economy, self-sustainability, and in general, a large capacity to evolve or be adapted topographically, operatively, and environmentally.

Besides research Ayala focuses on education throught workshops and lectures all around the world.

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