Lund Architecture Symposium 2013


The annual symposium of Architecture - at Lund School of Architecture - is closing in. Since a decade this event has produced the opportunity for meetings between an international panel of architects and our own regional architectural culture in a fruitful way.
We believe architecture is operating worldwide today. Everywhere, in whatever location, we are obliged to deal with specific situations and complex parameters in respect to local contexts.
This set of parameters is the OPEN framework for the 2013 symposium-discussion.
The theme of this year; “Europe’s Calling!” – intends to raise the issue of how the European architectural culture presents itself inwards and outwards.
We look forward to an open-minded discussion on this topic during our symposium of 2013 where architects from mainly Europe will give their personal contribution to the matter.
We welcome you all to take part in this event!
/Christer Malmström - Head of the School of Architecture / Lund University

Lund Architecture Symposium 2012 


The increasingly diversified reality of the 21st century does again challenge the notion and the idea of architecture in an intriguing way. A century ago, when modernism caused a similar reaction whilst overwhelming the world, the very fact that certain boundaries were broken acted as a catalyst. New questions were raised, new territories were seen. A possible future role and commitment for architecture, and architects, glimmered at the horizon. 

The Lund Architecture Symposium intends to critically examine the situation of today in which globalization has reached yet other frontiers. In that our concern is more about an investigation of what individuals and groups of trained architects do today rather than what the market suggests as a base of professional activity. Diversity, perhaps especially through individual commitments, has in the past contributed to our understanding of what architecture really is capable of offering to our lives. Is there at present yet a new shift in paradigm in that respect? 

The theme of the 2012 Biennale in Venice is about Common Ground. Taking that as a point of departure we intend to enlarge the issue putting special emphasis on diversity. We would like to welcome you to take part in that open minded and inclusive examination at the School of Architecture in Lund in September! 

Prof Christer Malmström / Director of the School of Architecture 
Prof Lars-Henrik Ståhl / Head of the Department of Architecture & Built Environment

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